Change Fusebox (Consumer Unit)


This may be one of the most often undertaken jobs, but it is not for the DIYer.

Changing a fusebox (consumer unit) is a major job as it affects the safety of the whole installation.

When a new fusebox is installed, it is essential that every circuit is tested, and, if needed, made safe if a fault is found.

Here at PD Electrical, we have the capability to carry out this type of work speedily with minimum disruption. Usually your power will be isolated in full for only 1-2 hours!

As standard practice, we always completely fill up your fusebox with MCBs, even for spare unused ways. This means additions can be made in the future without paying again for an MCB. Also as standard, we fit 10way consumer units with 2 RCDs and 10 MCBs. If space permits we fit 15way consumer units.

Our change of fuseboxes jobs start from a mere £199, and whats more, the average fusebox change still stands at £199! That is exceptional value!