Rewires & Partial Rewires



A complete rewire is extremely disruptive to have done when you live in the property.

Here at P. D. Electrical we understand that and care about you and your property. We take the time to completely protect all your property from dust and damage.

We have successfully carried out many rewires, some of which with our customers still living in the property.

If you need a rewire you need someone you can trust. We can fulfill all your expectations.

Partial Rewires

We have carried out many partial rewires, mainly as a result of remedial works from a Periodic Inspection.

Older installations did not always use an earth in their lighting circuits. Mr Peel from Barnstaple benefited from a rewire of his lighting circuits in his bungalow. This took only two days to complete from start to finish.

Do you require a Periodic Inspection? Domestic properties should be tested at least every ten years.